RuneQuest Expansion Dice

The world of Glorantha and RuneQuest has forty years of history. It was second roleplaying game ever! These dice are our tribute to this game.

Expansion 3 dice Various colors to choose from.



We think that for RuneQuest one more die will be not enough, three dice sound better. The set is composed of one giant d20 Hit Location die, one d12 Strike Rank Indicator and one d20 Random Rune Generator.

D20 RuneQuest Hit Location Die
This giant dice, made of high quality plastic, is intended to roll and toss on the table in the times of all battles. The names of the faces indicate the possibility of hitting parts of the body, so it is easy to hurt the leg, but a push through the chest will be difficult.

d12 Strike Rank Indicator
Strike Rank determines who acts first in melee round. The participant with lower SR hits first. This die will be irreplaceable on the table because it shows your Strike Rank number. This help makes combat faster and more exciting because everybody can see who’s first. This die is very readable, but beware, and don’t sneeze!

d20 Random Rune Generator
Many times player character becomes attuned to the story rune, which can be determined randomly This can shape the turn of events around heroes or empower them before one of many challenges These dice make long looking in the tables in core book obsolete, so the storytelling can be far more complex. Additionally, all rolls with this die are like fortune-telling This enhances magic and enriches the adventurous atmosphere of RPG session.

Various colors to choose from.

Contains: 1D12, 1D20, 1D20 Hit location.

Size: 16mm

Additional information

Weight0,065 kg
Dimensions4 × 4 × 3 cm

Plastic / Resin


Beige, Turquoise


Beige/burgundy, Turquoise/gold


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