Clippy Plush

Clippy is the arch enemy of Donald Trump andBill Gates‘s superfriend, he wants to install5G on your head … or maybe he’s just the retired virtual Officeassistant. Whatever it is, you can adopt him in his plush version, less virtual and more tangible.

This pack contains not only the plush toy, but a couple of baby clips and some more surprises.


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Clippy was the default assistant in the English Windows version… Clyppy was the most famous… and hated. Clippy and oher assistants help users by way of an interactive animated character which interfaced with the Office help content. they tried but what they achieved most of the time was to tease users, who tried to hide these assistants quickly – paradoxically the most repeated search for this help was “how to eliminate the assistant”.

Although he was retired a few years ago and he was somewhat disappeared, it is said that he is Bill Gates’s best friend and that they are creating a regiment of small clips and nanobots to install 5G in thebrainof the people.

This pack consists of a 23x17x4cm handcrafted cloth clippy, a sheet of paperas old as he is,two of his children (they cannot be separated, they are the future, the 7G) and some more surprises.


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