Millions of Dollars


The city most notorious gangs have grouped to make a series of heists, but this doesn’t means each of them doesn’t have their own agenda… Hidden role each turn, bluffing, lying and convincing the other bands so you get the most of each heist is key to win.


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Every division of booty is a tense situation. Will you be the Mastermind, the Driver, or the Snitch?

Millions of Dollars is a hidden role game with no elimination and non-random distribution of roles in which you negotiate and talk your way into as much loot as possible. Choose your role well and disguise your duplicity until the moment that you can play your cards just right…

Millions of Dollars is a game of bluffing, misleading and negotiation that leaves no room to randomness. Players secretly choose roles and form temporary alliances. Any negotiation tactic is legitimate with your soon-to-be double-crossed accomplice!

Number of players: 3-8
Length: 25 minutes
Age: 10+

  • Spanish spanish 

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Paper / Cardboard


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