e-Raptor Dice Tower UV Print

UV dice tower to get totally random rolls. It also has a transparent piece, so you can see how the dice fall down the tower.


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Roll your dice with the e-Raptor Dice Tower UV Print Raptor Web.

Easy to assemble without glue before gameplay and disassemble after. It has UV ink and the front part has a methacrylate that reveals the inside of the tower, so when you roll the dice you can see how they fall on the different platforms until they fall.

Dimensions when assembled are:

height: 16,5 cm
width: 8 cm
length: 14 cm


Additional information

Weight0,500 kg
Dimensions16,5 × 8 × 14 cm

HDF-wood (high density-fiberboard)


Multicolored, Red, Brown


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