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Give an original & crazy gift. Here you will find oddities, craft items about series, movies, characters ... We are sure you will find something for all tastes and pockets.

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  • Gifts

    Amazing notebooks, fun boxes with candy and cool things for the kitchen and home. A section full of top brands in design such as ArtoriDesing, Ototo, PelegDesign or PhilosophersGuild ... because in Spike and Freak, in addition to the unique craftsmanship of our brand, we want to share with you the coolest things we found.

  • Series

    Are you a serial addict? Look no further, this is your section! Articles related to the world of series. Nonexistent? Get in touch with us that we solve.

  • Film Lovers

    Section only suitable for the most Film Lovers. if you do not find what you are looking for, write us and we can do something for you.

  • Comic

    Are you a fan of superheroes? In this section you will find everything related to the world of comics and manga. More than products ... super-products!

  • Cthulhu

    Worshiper of the Great Cthulhu, of the squid, of the primal beings? Enter the bowels of this section: stickers, dice, toys... everything related to the Lovecraftian mythology and the madness it produces.

  • Star Wars

    Rebellion or Empire? Sith or Jedi? One thing is clear: Star Wars is very cool, so this section is for you!

  • Trekkies

    If you say goodbye with the phrase "long life and prosperity", you think that tribbles could be good companion animals or you would want to go exploring the galaxy and conquering aliens (male, female or whatever), look no further. Here you have the most trekkie section of Spike and Freak.

  • Poo

    The eschatological is now fashion. The same your grandmother shares a whatsapp´s poo that you have a friend who would love to have a poop of Arale stuffed ... Best of all is that our poop does not smell. XD

  • Stickers

    Stickers! Vinyl stickers: adaptable on most surfaces: fun and very freaks. The reason you want does not exist? We can create it for you!

  • Magnets

    Dress up your fridge with these original magnets! Do not we have what you are looking for? You can write to us to make them customized.

  • Keyrings

    Keyrings for all tastes: classic style, plush, resin ... with any theme. If it does not exist ... write us that we can create it!

  • Druid´s Corner

    Potions, boxes and other types of gadgets that can be used for decoration, cosplay, live rol gaming...

  • Wood

    Customized wooden objects: games and personalized boxes with different techniques: pyrography, painted, carved, aged ... ask us for a budget!

  • Videogame-Geeks-Memes

    Are you a gamer? Do you have a Geek soul? Do you love memes? Are you more of retrogaming or moderngaming? This section is for you!

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I'm gonna give you a shitty present

A Totoro magnet for your fridge! Cute & tender.

An unique magnet for your fridge! For Star Wars fans

Are you a Darth Vader fan? You can prove it with this Star Wars keychain, with the Empire logo on both sides.

Be the force be with you! with this gorgeous princess Leia keychain.

Be proud & show the world your Harry Potter-passion with this gorgeous keychain

If you are a fan of the saga you can not miss this pendant, with the Sinsajo logo.

Horse´s Head Pillow- The Godfather. A Funny gift & warning for your friends.

Aged wooden box with lined interior and 3 bottles / vials numbered from 1 to 3. Ideal to decorate your home, cosplay or live role playing game.

Aged wooden box with interior lined with velvety fabric and 2 glass potions (red and blue). Ideal to decorate your house, cosplay or  live role...

Best way to show your passion for Game of Thrones- Targaryen House cameo.

Best way to show your passion for Game of Thrones- Lannister House cameo.

Best way to show your passion for Game of Thrones- Martell House cameo.

A tender Totoro Towel, dry your hands with a funny style!

Practical bag of cotton, not only will help you carry your purchase, you can also show your adoration for the brainless Deadpool in any place.

Practical cotton bag, not only will help you carry your purchase, you can also show your passions everywhere.

Showing 1 - 35 of 91 items