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We are Maricel and Lucas, creative minds, designers and artisans from Madrid… And why not say it, pretty geeks.

For over 15 years we have crafted crazy things related to geek world, role-playing and tabletop games. We started by selling our handmade products, first to friends and family and later in stands on role-playing, strategy games and Manga conventions (Talazbrágoles 2003, CLN Gijón 2003, CLN Algemesí 2004, Salón de Manga de Barcelona 2005-2006, Ludo Ergo Sum 2009-2018, TDN 2010-2018…)

A few years ago we evolved to provide not only artisan creations, but also accessories for games (chips, dice, role-playing dice bags,…), also tabletop games difficult to see in other stores and other gifts and products from great designers.

Lucas y Maricel staff y stuff en el stand Ludo Ergo Sum 2017

Our products...

Our products fill a gap in the geek world: Among our products you will find all kind of items, from stuffed dice or bags for RPG dice to accessories such as earrings and chokers, without forgetting unlikely items as the plush roadkill rats and Totoros or Whatsapp poo… Also, we are working non-stop to create and find new crazy things that make people a little happier.

We also sell Q-Workshop’sdice, for those who want original polyhedrons to play games (or just collectors). Our latest additions are fun but hard to find board games. If you want a game or accessory that we do not have,we can also look for it and if it does not exist we can even create it!

Everything is customizable: We make boxes with custom designs, embroidered names or symbols… As well as unique gift baskets for baby geeks and items for parties and weddings.

For any questions about a product or order send us an email to:

If you have a store and you are interested in selling any of our products you can contact us through the same email.

They are talking about us...


“We want to be the gratest plush and geek entrepreneurs, to be like Tony Stark and create Spike and Freak Industries”


-Spike and Freak

Blog Editors


Spike knows a little bit about everything, but he's not an expert on anything, he is the result of a huge attention deficit. A great warehouse of useless but entertaining knowledge, able to obsess with the smallest detail and forget about the rest of the world around him. Interested in Comic, Anime, Tv series, Video games, B and Z - movies, bizarre documentaries and tea, in reality anything can attract him but for short spans. He tries to see all sides of a story bur when finds something interesting, he will not hesitate to support and tell the people around. The biggest issue is that when something new and interesting appears he will leave everything he was doing and forget about it.

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"Creative-Creator, versatile to my grief and pride to be a geek"

What I love most is to create, no matter if it is a stuffed poo-shaped plush, resin chips with the face of Chuck Norris or impossible accessories. My thing is to keep the gears in my head turning: design, materialise and create.
I usually say that my creativity reaches alarming levels: it is always there, in whatever I do. That's why I can create such special products.
If you do not see me designing or doing handicrafts you can see me while treating my friends with my geeks pastry, or acting like a the clown -a comic clown, not those who are disguised with heavy makeup and are disgusting- one of those who sing and make absurd dances, those who tell stories You can also see me writing this blog, usually with a smile on my face.

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Dejung is my geek alter ego. I'm a journalist and a blogger, I like to write and generate content, try to fill empty things with a little bit of life. I never thought of myself as a geek until a few years ago, when I had the pleasure of enjoying something that I liked, to a passionate degree: the Frasier TV series .
It is liberating to stop worrying about what others will think of you, about your tastes, about your talk about a series that you enjoy, discussing anecdotes related to it or generating others, sometimes similar, in your daily life. A facet that allows you to get your fun side, know other worlds, share and, who knows if you can even make a living with it. All inherent in the geek side.
Dejung refers to the psychoanalyst Carl Jung, inspiration of the minor of the Cranes ["And while my brother Frasier is of Freud, I am of Jung, and nobody dare to blame it on my mother!]. An alias with a crazy point (paradoxes of life), like me. "Because this life is a tango", as the song would say, would you dance with me?

Twitter @anita_mm85
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