Trekkie Hooded Baby Towel

Baby bath towel with the Star Trek delta symbol. 0 to 18 months.



Your friends are reproducing, it´s a fact. This hooded baby towel for newborns Trekkies will help to bring all the trekkie power to the baby. When a baby comes out of a good warm bath the baby is relaxed, and influential… is this time perfect to wrap it in” geeky” characters and at the same time it dries out of the water, soak it with the power of geek!

This Star Trek cape is about 80 cm long and has a built-in hood.
Available in 2 colors: fuchsia pink and blue. If you want another color please contact us.

This product is indicated for babies from 0 to 18 months but if you need something for an older child -or an adult, send us an email to we will see what you need and we will send you an estimate.

* If you want this product and it is not in stock let us know at this email: We can replace it within one week if we have the fabric.

Additional information

Weight0,245 kg
Dimensions78 × 110 cm
Hooded Baby Towel Color





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