Star Trek Sticky Notes

Beam me up Scotty!

If you’re a fan of the Original Star Trek series, you can’t miss these sticky notes: Several characters to teleport, the iconic delta and some bigger sheets to write whatever you want.


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Contains a lot of:

  • Teleportable Characters (Scotty, Spock, Kirk and Bones).
  • The loved symbol of the Federation.
  • Bigger Notes to write anything you can think of, with the image of Uhura and lots of options to choose from.

When closed, the book measures 8 by 11 cm and fits very well in your bag or back pocket. Brings the characters to places where no one has ever gone before!

Design: The unemployed Philosophers Guild

Additional information

Weight0,100 kg
Dimensions8,5 × 11 × 1,5 cm



Paper / Cardboard


  1. Spanish


    Es un producto chachi pistachi, ideal para los fans más trekkies

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