Heavy Steam + Pilots Expansion

Control your own giant Steampunk robot, manage the steam to defeat your enemies and don’t forget to watch the battlefield to win!


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Steam Titan pilots are selected from the best of the best; each pilot needs to be a top of the line navigator, engineer, and strategist. Using your pilot’s unique abilities, along with cards that augment both your Titan and the terrain, you’ll decide when to power up your weapons, bolster your defenses, or transfer steam to your legs to outmaneuver the opposition.

Phases allow you to reallocate steam, perform devastating attacks, or purchase new cards to upgrade your Titan. Because the flow of steam takes time, you’ll need to plan several turns ahead while being ready to react immediately to incoming attacks. But be careful – move too much steam too quickly and vital components of your Titan are liable to reach critical levels of pressure. No matter which scenario you face, you’ll need to bring every ounce of your metal to the table to take down the opposing pilots!

Players: 2-4

Age: 14+

Game Time: 90 min

Type: Resource management; Strategy


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Do you wanna know more? Take a look at the Rulebook  (English)


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Paper / Cardboard


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