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Grimslingers is a strategic science fiction card game with western theme, it has 2 game modes: cooperative and duel.


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In a land beyond God’s reckonin’ is a place called the Forgotten West. The Iron Witch, a downright mysterious bein’, has turned you into a Grimslinger, a powerful witch imbued with metal, machine and fancy elemental powers. Now yer maker’s requirin’ all his newly sired to duel each other so that he can make y’all into witches proper for his own purposes.”

Grimslingers is a strategic, sci-fi fantasy western themed card game, featuring two different modes of play. In versus, players will go head to head in teams or a free-for-all using a wide selection of spells, items and abilities. In co-op, players will work together through a narrative campaign composed of four 60-90 minute play sessions, battling strange creatures, overcoming intense challenges, collecting loot, gaining levels and exploring tThe Forgotten West.

Players: 1-6

Age: 14+

Game Time: Duel: 15 – 30 min
Coop: 60- 90 min

Type: Cooperative / Duel; Cards


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Do you wanna know more? Take a look at the Rulebook  (English)


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Paper / Cardboard


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