Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition official Dice Set black/magenta

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition official Dice Set Black/magenta.


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These dice may seem deceptively sweet and fluffy at the first glance, but the color itself is a reflection of a truly menacing phenomenon – a color out of space. Whoever sees it in full glory, begins a tireless journey into overwhelming madness, doubting his or her own thoughts with not comprehending what is reality, and what’s just a pure delusion. You are safe while using these dice, dear Investigators, but we found it necessary for you to understand the real danger behind the Great Old Ones mysteries, or even the slightest sign of their presence. Our friends at Q-Workshop tell us this story, they know more about Cthulhu and cool dice like no one else. So we will have to pay attention to them.

Contains: 1D4, 1D6, 1D8, 2D10 (0-9, 00-90 ), 1D12, 1D20

Color: Black/magenta

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black, Pink


Plastic / Resin


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